2018 SACCSS Awards Luncheon

Sports Association of Catholic Coeducational Secondary Schools, Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:00AM


2018 SACCSS Awards Luncheon

The annual SACCSS Awards Luncheon was held at MacKillop College, Werribee on Thursday 29th November.
 SACCSS welcomed 250 students from our member colleges, to celebrate the achievements of this year.
The afternoon commenced with a shared meal and then was followed by an interview session with Majak Daw and Jack Fitzpatrick, both who were past students of MacKillop College and SACCSS.  Jack and Majak talked about their time at school, balancing football and studies, as well as careers, injuries and illnesses.
Their interview was very entertaining and informative and SACCSS thanks them for their time.
The formal awards presentations followed the interview, where athletes in from a number of disciplines were acknowledged and celebrated for their successes in 2018.
A full list of the Awards recipients can be found HERE.




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Author: Jo Lewis