The History of SACCSS

The Sports Association of Catholic Coeducational Secondary Schools (SACCSS) was founded in 1983.  Preliminary meetings were held in 1982, beginning with interested Principals,  including Sr. Sylvia (CRC St Albans), Mr Bernie Dobson, Mr John Kennedy (Loyola) and Mr Frank Fitzgerald (CRC Melton).  Further meetings were held with Sports Coordinators to organise the structure of the competition and in 1983 the first SACCSS event was held; the Swimming Carnival at Richmond Swimming Pool.  The founding member schools represented at this event were Loyola College, MacKillop Catholic Regional College, St. Monica’s College, CRC St Albans, CRC Melton and CRC Nth Keilor.  Other events to be conducted by SACCSS in its founding year were Cross Country in term 3 and Athletics in Term 4.

Rally Days and Senior Sports Days were introduced into the competition in 1986.  The original sports offered for the students were Basketball, AFL, Football, Tennis and Volleyball.  These were one day round robin events for interested Colleges.  In future years Tennis became a stand alone one day tournament and Netball and Softball were included into the Rally Day/ Senior Sports Day competition.

In 1994 St John’s College, Christ the King, Salesian College- Rupertswood and Geoghegan College joined SACCSS.  Geoghegan College amalgamated with Therry College and Sancta Sophia to form Penola Catholic College, they entered SACCSS in 1995.  St John’s  College and Christ the King also amalgamated and became known as Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, they entered SACCSS in 1997.  Thomas Carr joined SACCSS in 2001 but later left the association in 2003.  Marymede Catholic College (2006), CRC Caroline Springs (2007), Emmanuel College (2008), Kolbe Catholic College (2008) and Antonine College (2011) have been the most recent additions to the SACCSS membership.

Year Level Rally Days concluded in 2002 and the Premier League Competition was developed in its place.  In 2003 four Colleges; Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Penola Catholic College, St Monica’s and CRC Nth Keilor began competing in the Premier League competition.  The sports offered were AFL, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and Football.  The competition was held every second afternoon of a predetermined day with each year level participating in a specified term; i.e. Term 1 Year 10, Term 2 Year 7 etc.  In 2010 Cricket was introduced to competition that occurred term 1 or 4 in the place of AFL.   

Senior Sports Days have continued but have been restructured over time.  Currently there is a Senior Sports Day conducted in Term 1 for Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball.  The AFL, Netball and Soccer are played in a round robin format during the afternoons in Term 2 and 3.  The AFL began in 2004, with Netball beginning in its current format in 2010 and Soccer in 2011. Senior Cricket was introduced to Term 1 in 2013.

Finally, Chess and Futsal have been included into the SACCSS Competition in 2011, Girls AFL and Hockey were trialled in 2012 and added as permanent competitions for the association in 2013.